For the last four years that I have been involved with PAWS, our relentless focus has been to rescue, neuter and re-home.


However, for things to really change, what is needed is a cultural change in attitude towards all animals. Education and strict enforcement of the animal welfare laws by the authorities will greatly help in this respect. Local authorities should be much more active, promoting animal rights in schools. However I am pleased to say that the local police are more active these days in respect of helping to enforce animal welfare laws.


Ray Fellows
Vice President, PAWS

As Vice President of PAWS and Dog Program Manager, I am thrilled that we have been able to purchase land on which to build a new, modern, stray animal Shelter. But my dream is a world where the community loves all its animals and there is no need to shelter and re-home, because there are no stray animals.

We are a long way from that dream, but we always strive towards it.


sq/m of land for new shelter


cost of yearly membership to paws


Kilos of Dog food per week is needed


Kilos of cat food per week is needed