Helping to make Parians responsible for the welfare of their animals through education & rescue.

Paros Animal Welfare Society.

Rescuing abandoned Parian dogs and cats and rehoming in Paros & abroad


Helping to make Parians responsible for the welfare of their animals through education & rescue.

PAWS’ principal scope is to look after the stray companion animals of Paros, to rescue them, provide medical treatment, food and proper care until good loving families are found to adopt them.



We rescue and re-home abused and abandoned dogs. Our shelter on average has 40 dogs at any one time, and all need walking, feeding, cleaning and love on a daily basis. 

We also transport dogs to and from the vet and arrange medical treatment and routine vaccinations and medication.

Due to the saturation of the island’s suitable homes for pets, PAWS supports an international rehoming programme which has succeeded in reducing the number of stray dogs.


Our shelter has up to 40 dogs at any one time



We maintain the shelter which can house up to 45 dogs and puppies at a time giving them different and varied areas to suit the needs of the animal. Some are frightened and sick when they come to us so we want to make them feel safe again.



We find local homes for needy kittens and cats and organise to neuter and feed cat communities without any neighbourhood support (currently 15 cat colonies) at garbage bins, parking lots, when resort hotels/restaurants close.

Administrative penalties and fines 


Dogs for Adoption

These dogs are all ready to find a new home. PAWS is here for every dog and cat, and has been since 1995. Meet the dogs currently looking for a home and start the search for a new addition to your family.


We have less than 30 Volunteers

Up to 200 Dogs re-homed per year

Up to 400 Cats fed per day

Anybody who drives around Paros or walks its streets and countryside, cannot fail to see the need for an animal welfare organisation on Paros. During the tourist season, we are inundated with calls to our helpline or messages to our email and Internet pages.

Starving, sick or injured cats, abused dogs either neglected and tied on chains without shade, food or water or simply abandoned to their fate in remote parts of the island
— Ray Fellows, Vice President PAWS.

Awards & Grants

Grant to feed, vaccinate and neuter stray cats and dogs on Paros, 2017
— Marchig Animal Welfare Trust, UK
Grant to help neuter stray cats, 2011
Award for volunteer service, 2009
— Friends of Paros
5 traps and cages to help neuter cats, 2012
— Greek Cat Welfare Society
Grants to help neuter stray cats
— Susan Giblin Foundation
Funds to neuter 100 female cats, 2012-13
— EURO-P.A.S. Germany


Dedicated to change.

Our mission is to make Parians responsible for the welfare of their animals (neuter, health checks, well-being). In the meantime to rescue abandoned dogs and manage the stray cat population in particular in seasonal resorts and villages. To monitor and report abuse of animals and provide recommendations for good practices. To act as an advisory body on animal welfare to the local authorities and the community; and as a lobby group to ensure application of animal welfare laws by the municipality and the police.

Work with the island vets, the schools, the municipality, the police and the church to raise awareness about animal welfare


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