Administrative penalties and fines according to the

Laws 4039/12 & 4235/14






Lack of microchipping and animal registration or lack of declaration of animal loss.

300 euros



Lack of respect of the animal welfare rules or its regular veterinary examination, lack of implementation of the animal welfare and protection rules for the respect of its existence. 

500 euros



Animal abandonment and lack of neutering in case the owner does not want to keep the newborn babies.

300 euros



Lack of anti-rabies vaccination, lack of a metal vaccination sign on the dog collar or omission by the owner to clean immediately the surrounding area from animal faeces. 

100 euros



Lack of respect by the dog owner for the dog’s secure walking or the creation of a damage to third parties or the lack of appropriate measures to prevent the dog’s unwanted escape.

300 euros



Lack of an updated passport/health booklet of the dog, as to the at any time dog ownership or in case of a hunting dog for its eventual transportation.

300 euros



Animal abuse, mistreatment or bad behaviour to the animal as well as any act of violence against it; the sale, commerce and exhibition through the network or any other audiovisual material or photographic material evidencing act of violence against the animal.

30.000 euros for each animal and separately for each incident



Breeding, reproduction or sale of companion animals for commercial purposes without permission.

3.000 euros



Breeding of more than two female dogs for reproduction or female dogs with more than 2 births per year without a breeding license.

1.000 euros for the first animal with a 10% increase for every new one.


Abandonment of an injured animal after a road accident.

300 euros